In 1999, Skippy wrote a few jokes that went viral via email, and later again through his own website where he writes comedy. It’s even become a type of meme called a Skippy List.

A few years back, Skippy graduated from the SMU Guildhall program and went on to work in the video game industry for a few years. After the recession hit the video game industry, he went back to college to study Graphic Design,which he had already spent over a decade doing professionally, including for the Army in Psychological Operations.

Now, his focus is on bringing together two things he loves: comedy and gaming. His focus is on making games that are both fun and easy to play, and enjoyable by both novices and hard-core gamers.

His first game to go public, Please Don’t Wake Dagon, was warmly received and sold out within a few conventions after it’s release. With the upcoming release of RedShirts, you can see the result of his first game to be released under this own company, WeaselPants Productions.

When he’s not making games, he’s playing video games, reading, helping run a web design and development business, and being a stay-at-home Dad to a set of energetic twins. His goal in life is to become a pants camel.