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to discover hazardous new planets

red shirts crew of misfits

Redshirts is available at fine retailers everywhere. If they don’t have it, they might not be a fine retailer. Be suspicious of them.

About the Game

Everyone in the Galactic Space Corps knows that the most successful starship Captains go through junior-enlisted crewmen like a fat kid goes through cupcakes.

Assemble and lead an away team of heroic yet disposable characters at a variety of locations, such as A Strange Energy Field Never Before Encountered or the Planet of Beautiful, Utopian, and in No Way Suspicious Women.

Examine missions such as Kielbasa Maroon, Poke This Slime With A Stick, and Fix the Exhaust Port Before Some Redneck Drops a Torpedo Down it to determine the crewman with the very best chance to succeed. And then send someone else!

Redshirts is a fast paced screw-your-buddies style card game for 2 to 7 players.

Redshirts usually takes 30-90 minutes to play although play time can vary depending on the luck of the draw, and how vicious people are feeling at the time.

Redshirts contains 2 decks totalling 108 beautiful full color cards and a rules booklet, which is everything you need for a fun-filled evening of space exploration, betrayal and murder.

About the Art

All illustration is by nerd artist extraordinaire David Reddick. David is the creator of various popular comic strips such as Legend of Bill, The Trek Life at CBS/STARTREK.COM, Gene’s Journal, and Rod & Barry at Roddenberry.com, and he is a full-time cartoonist at Paws, Inc., where he works on the Garfield worldwide property.

David’s official Star Trek and sci-fi artwork and illustration is represented by Lightspeed Fine Art in California.