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Redshirts 2nd Edition

October 1, 2012

So the day has finally arrived.  WeaselPants Productions is launching it’s first Kickstarter campaign.  We are looking to print an updated version of Redshirts, and better quality cards.  Even a small expansion set right in the box.

Now some of you might ask why we are doing that so quickly on the heels of the initial release of Redshirts.  Well I’ll tell you.

It started of with “We need to reprint we are running out.”

And then we added, “And we need to update the rules a little, iron out the kinks and get a real tech writer so it’s less confusing.  And maybe cram a few more house rules in that people liked”

And then “I wonder if we could add more cards?  More cards would be good. No not more cards…and expansion!”

And thus things spiraled out of control.  As sometimes happens here.

The short version is that we just need a small boost the get over the last hump to get this puppy out of the door, and we have some awesome rewards like copies of the game, exclusive Kickstarter cards, and custom cards.  That is real, printed, you can use them in the game cards.  And that’s only partway up the reward chart.

So go ahead, and have a look, and share it with your friends.

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Brandon Metchooyeah October 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm

I am overjoyed to hear that you guys are coming out with an expansion !!

I only bought Red Shirts the other day,

Let me tell you that was a process. for weeks I went to my comic / collectors stores and Seen Red Shirts. My GF and I thought, Man, this looks Neat (as Im a HUGE Trek Fan myself)

so after weeks of mulling it over we said, Ok, todays the Day were gonna BUY RED SHIRTS!!

But our main comic shop was sold out, So i called around, I called 2 comic shops that I frequent, 5 other game shops in the city, and 3 other comic shops i found via a web search….NO one had them….until finally 3 weeks later one of them called me and said we have it!!

Im a little disappointed that after 2 days of having red shirts in my posession you guys are coming out with a deluxe edition, with better / newer / updated cards AND the expansion included.

oh well guess im buying 2 copies of this game!! keep up the good work guys! i cant wait to see more product come out for this game!!


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