RedShirts FAQ


Is Redshirts safe for use on my pets?

Yes.  For best results apply directly to the pets.  If your pet eats any Redshirts, please consult a vet.


Is there an expansion planned?

Yes.  The first expansion for Redshirts is in development as we speak.


Attached cards

The text in the rules should read:

If a card becomes Attached, it will remain on the card it targeted and will be in effect until the targeted card is removed from play at which point it will also be discarded.


What do I do with a Commander’s Log Card with a Redshirt on the front?

If a Commander’s Log card has a Redshirt on the face side, you may play it on any player’s Away Team whenever you would be allowed to play a card.  This was a deliberate design decision, and not us covering for a printing error.  That’s the story, and we are sticking to it.

You can add them to the Redshirts deck and pretend they have a matching back if you prefer, but that’s boring.