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Typical Redshirts Gameplay

Three players Kirk, Jean, and Benjamin sit down to play Redshirts.  Since it is a three player game they each have four Redshirts.

Kirk:  I play the mission Defend Against Remulan Commandos.  I’m going to Zap Cadet Adams to assign him to the Mission. His knowledge of science will be of absolutely no help in a close quarters battle. Adams is failing as he lacks the Tactics skill.  Does anybody have anything they would like to play?

Jean: The poor man!  I’ll just go ahead and drop the equipment card Fayzor on him, so that he has a chance.

Kirk: Unfortunately this Supply Shuttle card has moved the Fayzor from Cadet Adams to Cadet Jenner.  You’re welcome Benjamin. Adams is failing again.

Benjamin: What did I do?

Kirk: Nothing yet.  But we both know you will.

Benjamin: I play the Location card Operations.  Now all of your Redshirts have the Tactical skill.

Kirk: I got nothing. Adams succeeds.  I draw 1 card, as per the success instructions on the Mission.  There is nothing else I would like to do, so I will draw one card for each Redshirt, ending the turn.  Your turn Benjamin.

Benjamin: I play Fix the Exhaust Port Before Some Redneck Drops a Torpedo Down It.  Mission Requires engineering. I’m going to Zap Cadet Jenner and assign him.  Jenner has Diplomacy and Tactics thanks to the Fayzor card on him, neither of which help so he is failing.

Jean: I Zap Ensign MacDougal to play Turns Out You Can Change the Laws of Physics. I’m allowed to give any 1 skill to any Redshirt.  I’m going to go with Engineering, and go ahead and let Jenner have it.  Jenner is succeeding.

Benjamin: I play the Strange Energy Field Never Before Encountered Location to remove engineering from all of my Redshirts. Jenner is failing again.

Kirk: And I play Repair Bay, which discards your previous Location card and adds engineering to every Redshirt on your Away Team.  Jenner is succeeding again.

Benjamin: I play Sensor Failure. I get to remove the last card played without effect, and add it to my hand.  Jenner is Failing again.

Kirk: I’m out of useful cards.

Jean: Me too.

Benjamin: Jenner fails, and the failure instructions on the Mission say that I kill 2 Redshirts.  I choose Jenner and Statistic.  Statistic’s special ability causes him to get passed to the player to my left when he dies, so here you are Jean.  I draw two cards to end my turn.

Jean:  Since I had Redshirts that were Zapped, I’ll go ahead an unZap them now.  I haven’t got any Missions, and I know that I am going to be drawing five cards this turn, I might as well use up my remaining three now, so I won’t need to discard later.  I’ll drop the Alien Casino Location on myself to protect against equipment.  and I’ll drop a Quadcorder and a Cloaking Field on Cadet Adams.  Suck it Kirk.

Kirk: Jean you bald &#%@^!